23-year-old Kristina is a mother of 11 children and plans even more…

Imagine for a second that you have not one, not two, but eleven babies who cry, crawl and constantly demand your attention.

Difficult? But 23-year-old Kristina Ozturk has just such a number of children, she feels very happy and plans even more children.

Today we will tell you about a young mother, how it happened and how she copes with the children.

For the first time, Christina became a mother at the age of 17, her daughter Victoria was born.

But unfortunately, the relationship with the baby’s father did not work out and as a result, the woman remained a single mother.

Her life changed dramatically when she met her current husband on vacation.

According to her, there was love at first sight, and after a while the man proposed to her.

Since the couple are very fond of children, they decided that they would have a lot of them.

As you have noticed, all the children are almost the same age.

Since it is not possible to give birth to so many children at once, the couple turned to surrogacy.

Even if Christina didn’t give birth to all of them, they are still her own children.

The woman plans to give birth again.

Her husband earns well, he always makes sure that his family is fully provided for and the needs of each family member are met.


He helps Christina with the housework himself, and they also have nannies and assistants at home.

Christina says that she and her husband have shared responsibilities, so everyone has time to rest and play with the children, and they always spend weekends together.

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