The youngest DJ in the world at age 3 receives the Golden Buzzer! He is truly remarkable.

At first glance, it would appear to be impossible for a three-year-old child to win a national talent competition. Despite his youth and the generally challenging nature of the job, the young Arch Jr DJ was able to demonstrate the contrary and demonstrate his incredible talent as a DJ.

The ‘South Africa’s Got Talent competition performance by Young Orathilwe Khlongwan caused a real sensation for a number of reasons. In the beginning, Hlongwan has demonstrated exceptional talent in his chosen field, but what’s more—and this in many ways proved to be the deciding factor—he did it while still a toddler. Oratilve defeated several performers who are significantly older than him in the competition for the title of South Africa’s most outstanding talent, but it turned out that they were inferior to him in terms of talent.

Many people recall the 9-year-old “Tiny Tina” (Tiny Tina) from “Young Talent Time” 1976 or the 9-year-old Drummer Jagger (Jagger the Drummer) from “Australia’s Got Talent.” Young talents at competitions of this kind are common. It would be completely useless to compare Hlongvan to the majority of the contestants because even these young talents were three times older than Hlongvan. Ortilve caused a stir; as a result, many see a bright future for him. He has been compared to Justin Bieber and dubbed “the best thing since banana puree.”

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