The touching story of Siamese twins that were abandoned immediately after being born

The doctors of the mother of these triplets, even during pregnancy, reported that two of the three girls were Siamese. Therefore, immediately after giving birth, she abandoned the children and she ended up in a boarding school.

There the girls were given the names Mackenzie, Madeline and Macy. And no one hoped that someone would adopt such problematic triplets, they were expected by many years of loneliness.

And what was not the surprise of the staff when the little ones were almost immediately taken care of by the Harrison family, who already had three boys. Darla and Jeff have made great efforts and invested a lot of money in the treatment of the girls. And fortunately, everything went well. The two sisters were successfully separated.

This gave them a chance for a normal existence and a fulfilled life. The sisters grew up independent and active girls, with very interesting characters. They are all different, but they love each other very much. They do very well at school. The girls have a lot of friends with whom they spend their free time. The surroundings still do not cease to be happy for the girls! More such wonderful stories!

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