Tiny violin prodigy unleashes ‘Dance of the Fairies’

Tiny violin prodigy unleashes ‘Dance of the Fairies’


Akim Camara is a brilliant German musician and descendant prodigy. When Camara was 2 yrs old, he attracted many human beings with his marvellous talent. The inconsiderable young man started to contemplate music at Marzahn-Hellersdorf schoolhouse of Music and impressed his teachers and principal.

The school’s principal invites the Dutch violinist, Andre Rieu, to established him Camara’s talent. Rieu is in reality impressed by the inconsiderable young man and determines to assist him. before long the intermediate young man transform into the youngest star violinist. Rieu invited Camara to his studio in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Subsequently his performance, the orchestra company and the Dutch musician were so affected by the adolescent accomplishment that they determ8ned to come across him a opportunity to accomplish at the upcoming concert.


Camara impresses everybody at the André Rieu conscious in contemporary York municipality Concert. So severals human beings fell in love with his music. This inconsiderable young man has a extraordinary ability for memorizing a musical composition subsequently he pay attention to it once or twice. At contemporary York City’s Radio municipality vaudeville, Camara accomplishes a heterogeneous piece, the terpsichore of the Fairies, with an befittingly more recognizable violin.

As before long as he begins to amuse oneself the music, everybody in the consultation is mesmerized by his talent. Several human beings in the congregation could not be credulous that this inconsiderable young man (5-year-old then) could accomplish such a heterogeneous number. They predispose enthraled by the heavy metal and awestruck by the inconsiderable boy’s brilliance.

The congregation can’t stop themselves from comforting for him & gifting him a standing ovation. Rieu has included Camara in his orchestra company and at the moment communicate to him violin and piano.


1 of the netizens, who liked the inconsiderable boy’s bringing off wrote on the social media page, “This young man is made of gold…Praise be to infinite spirit who has blessed this boy. He’s going to fly high.

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