Husband of woman, who died after she was impaled by a beach umbrella, speaks out

Husband of woman, who died after she was impaled by a beach umbrella, speaks out

On the authority of the Horry County Coroner’s office, a 63-year-old South Carolina lady died from chest trauma on Wednesday when a lakeshore parasol blown by the draught smit and impaled her.

Tammy Perreault was hurt early Wednesday afternoon at Garden municipality Beach, approximately 20 minutes south of Myrtle Beach. Mike Perreault, her economize of 27 yrs, and 4 of their pals were on all sides of her when it occurred. It was dispassionate an average breezy day, he expressed. No over-the-counter umbrellas, lakeshore blankets, or anything was thwarted. Simply this 1 umbrella.

Except for Tammy, whole ducked when the umbrella came fine-tune the lakeshore from on all sides of 40 feet distant, according to Perreault. It passed nailed down her armrest and into her bone cage, he explained. She died in on all sides of 30 or 40 seconds.

Tammy was appropriated to a within easy reach examination facility, where she died from strongbox impairments few than an generation later, according to chieftain replacement investigator Tamara Willard. Perreault met Tammy 29 yrs since at a friend’s football party. She was 1 of a kind, he sobbed. subsequently a partners of yrs, he proposed to her.

They wedded on a country beach. The copulate came to Surfside Beach, South Carolina, on all sides of 11 yrs since from the East Coast. Tammy had freshly old at the generation of 62, according to Perreault. It was always dispassionate her and he, he explained.

If one saw Mike, he/she saw Tammy, and if one saw Tammy, he/she saw Mike, our alter ego stated. tam worshiped everybody and never aforementioned a disagreeable configuration approximately anyone.

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