You won’t believe the dog’s turnaround after being discovered in a horrible state after being chopped and buried alive.

On a beach in Hawaii, one of the worst examples of animal abuse was documented; a dog was discovered slashed, covered in infected open wounds, and buried alive.

When she was saved, she was in a horrible condition and had lost most of her fur.


In West O’ahu beach, the dog was discovered buried alive in the sand. She had sunburns, swelling, and much of her fur was gone.

She was “bleeding from every inch of her body,” the veterinary personnel noticed after giving her emergency care.

The following was posted on PAWS of Hawaii’s Facebook page: “This lovely girl was discovered by one of our team members. Who knows what happened after someone buried her and had a machete?


She was sent urgently for treatment to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Care by the animal rescue organization.

Dr. Kelly Dowdall-Garberson, a veterinarian, told KITV 4 that the animal’s severe sunburn, sores, and swollen extremities were symptoms of extreme dehydration and inadequate treatment.

She has so many infected open wounds that her skin, if you could smell her, would smell like rotten, according to Ku’ulei Durand, executive director of PAWS of Hawaii. “We were told that the man who buried her had begun to cut her.

Instead of providing her the assistance she required, Ku’ulei stated, “He believed he was eliminating her misery by trying to take her life.”

The dog was given the name Leialoha by her rescuers, which means “dear child,” and was cared for by a foster family. After four days, the foster family had made incredible progress with this terrified puppy, who at first would only leave her kennel to use the restroom.

She said, “She smelled awful from being buried and her skin issues. She was red and bloated. She cried as I tried to lift her up to transfer her from the travel kennel to a very large dog crate. Amanda, Leialoha’s foster mother, said on Facebook that she was really concerned about whether she would survive the night.

Yet she quickly made progress.

Leialoha has gone a long way, adds Amanda.

“She had been enjoying hiding under the coffee table until last night, when we had guests around and she came out to check what was for dinner. Although she still has a ways to go, the worst is gone.


Tragically, Leialoha’s abuser was still at large as of September 2019.

Leialoha had the fastest recovery from a dog in her condition that we have yet to witness, according to the animal rescue group’s website. “Thanks to outstanding treatment with Aloha Economical Veterinary Services, Foster mom Amanda, and the love, care, and money the community donated,” it reads.

Leialoha has even found a forever home in Hawaii and has fully recovered, sporting a stunning white and brown coat.

Leialoha was eventually adopted by Amanda Krasniewski and her husband, and because of their past experience with fostering animals, they were able to provide this gorgeous dog with the life she deserves.

We wanted to be certain that she got to her forever home and that nobody would want her just because she was “famous,” according to Amanda.

“We decided keeping her was the best course of action.”

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