After sharing a tragic update on her father’s 61st birthday, Bindi Irwin leaves everyone in tears.

If Steve Irwin were still alive, he would have turned 61 today. Bindi Irwin, his daughter, was aware of this information. On her Instagram profile on her late father’s birthday, she made sure to include a post in honor of him.

“Congratulations, Dad. I’m grateful that you have given me a love for all living things, the bravery to follow my heart, and the willpower to change the world for animals and natural areas.

Steve Irwin Bindi Irwin
“Your passion to conservation has impacted the planet forever,” she concluded as she expressed her final request. Robert and I miss and love you very much, mum.

A really endearing photo of Steve Irwin and his daughter when she was small was included with the message. Steve appears to be demonstrating a little animal to a young Bindi.

The photo received hundreds of touching responses from people who saw the post all across the world.

One admirer said, “Your dad was a gift to the world and his legacy continues with you and your wonderful family.

“The sweetest image makes me cry. He must be ecstatic with his daughter and what a wonderful mother and person you are. Another admirer wished your darling father a happy birthday.

Bindi Irwin lost her father when she was just 8 years old. Yet, she still makes sure to uphold his legacy and reminds everyone that her father accomplished a lot by continuing to do so.

I have a particular place in my heart for this family. I want the best for them! Please forward your friends and relatives this touching tribute to Steve Irwin from his daughter so they may smile too.

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