A diver caught the shocking second when he encountered an uncommonly huge shark.

Off the Florida coast, 55-year-old jumper John Moore saw a huge bull shark. The related photograph of the predator was posted on his Instagram page. Different sharks swam close to John Moore, however the man grabbed the eye of the bull shark.

As he would like to think, the predator might have been pregnant. Her behaviour was the reason he thought so. “Maybe she is pregnant and hasn’t missed supper. She was an exceptionally prevailing shark and she unhesitatingly swam towards me,” added John.

Bull sharks are extremely lethargic and slow swimmers. Their eating routine comprises the most huge spineless creatures, little sharks, other fish and dolphins. Also, all emissions are devoured with live prey.

Upon entering the world they are around 60 centimeters. Grown-ups are 1.5-2.5 m long. Pregnancy keeps going 10 to 11 months, after which the female births 3 to 13 fry.

Guys are forceful towards expected contenders and can once in a while even think about people. Their testosterone levels are higher than different vertebrates, which to a limited extent clarifies their hostility.

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