She was called “ugly” at school, but years later she shut everyone up!

Trials can break a person, but they can also endow him with incredible inner strength. At the same time, anyone should understand that you should never mock others, those who are somehow different from the majority. Englishwoman Jessica Geigan does not like to remember her school years. The fact is that the red-haired girl was constantly bullied by classmates. The baby was teased, called ugly. But it wasn’t limited to verbal insults! Jessica even had to endure such horrors as beatings and arson, and all because of her beautiful red hair! The heroine herself told an English magazine the following: “I was beaten several times, spat on and thrown at my head with something, but the worst thing was when a girl almost burned me, just because I had red hair.” 

Jessica remembers that in the 7th grade she had to have lunch… in the toilet! And all because classmates arranged a boycott of the girl if she appeared in the dining room. Jessica says: “I was very upset about all this, but I wanted to prove to all the children who are being bullied that it can’t last forever!”. There is no excuse for such an attitude towards a defenseless child. After all, we do not choose our appearance! Often, children who have experienced bullying at school, then cannot adapt to adulthood, remain broken, and are treated for depression. But Jessica’s story is not so sad at all! Yes, the girl had to go through a real hell as a child, but she found the most elegant and effective way to take revenge on her abusers! 

Geigan grew up and became a beautiful young girl. And then one day she decided to completely rewrite the script of her life, to turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful white swan! Jessica decided to sign up for a casting in a modeling agency! After all, the fashion industry appreciates girls with an unusual appearance, which was just an Englishwoman! And at the casting they noticed a bright skinny beauty with a shock of red hair! It is simply impossible to look away from Jessica, she catches with her unique beauty. The girl began to appear on the catwalks, and in 2021 the model decided to take part in the Miss England beauty contest! And as a result, an unusual red-haired beauty took second place!

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