Judges hit the button in seconds as 10-year-old girl brings ‘Girl On Fire’ to life

From the moment Alexa Curtis stepped onto the stage for her audition on The Voice Kids Australia, it was clear that she was about to take on an incredible challenge. The ten-year-old singer chose to perform Alicia Keys’ chart-topping hit ‘Girl On Fire’, a song that demands a strong and powerful vocal performance. 

But despite the risk, Alexa’s rendition of the song was nothing short of spectacular. From the first note, her dynamic presence and captivating voice filled the room, leaving both the judges and the audience in awe. Mel B, one of the show’s judges, was particularly impressed, unable to contain her excitement as she danced along to Alexa’s rhythm and flow. 

This breakthrough performance proved to be a turning point in Alexa’s life, forever changing the trajectory of her musical journey. Her youth gives her voice a unique quality, allowing her to deliver each word with a level of emotion and passion that belies her age. Alexa’s performance on The Voice Kids Australia serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and the incredible talent that can be found in even the youngest of performers.

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