Everyone loved a little girl who looked like a doll: How the special beauty looks now…

Not every baby’s beauty is enough to win people over. Usually, it takes time for a typical child’s look to “take shape” and for a baby to change into a small, cute child. But things went better for this girl. Since it was made, children have looked up to it as an example of beauty.

After Amaya was born, her mother put a picture of her on her Instagram. All of this was because the girl’s head was strange for her age and she had thick eyelashes, which looked so cute on her small face.

Some readers started to like the way the girl looked and thought she would do well as a model. Others started to say that the mother spent too much time on Photoshop. They didn’t think a baby could look like that.

She looked just like a doll. She had big, curved lips that matched the shape of her face. Her eyes were expressive, and her eyebrows were sharp and dark for a child. The girl’s background explains why she looks so strange. Her mother is from Latvia, and her father comes from Africa. They’ve been with each other for more than ten years.

Amaya is not the only child in the family. The couple also has an older boy and a younger daughter who also looks like a role model.

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